What is Direct Selling?

More and more people are wanting to enjoy the freedom of owning their own businesses.  The hope of having more time, more prestige, more financial security, more independence and more control of their lives are all motivations that pull people away from their often underpaid, under-appreciated and unfulfilling 9-5 J.O.B.s to embark on their own adventure of self-employment.

The problem is that in most cases, contrary to the hope and dream of the budding entrepreneur, starting a traditional business actually leaves an individual with LESS time, LESS financial freedom, and even LESS independence, paricularly in the beginning as they are laying the foundation.  As noted in Build It Big, “starting a traditional small business is backbreaking work, requiring long days that stretch late into the night, never-ending amounts of capital, and strong mental stamina to juggle the many roles and responsibilities of today’s entrepreneur.  Is this anyway to live?”

Direct-selling businesses tend to be “small, lean, and incredibly efficient.”  There are direct-selling businesses for just about any product you can imagine from books to clothing to health products to toys and games to candles and home decor and more.  One of the popular trends I am noticing is the product of ‘education,’ ‘mentoring,’ and ‘leadership development.’  There is a new direct-selling company that even helps people publish their own books!  The sky is the limit!

What are the advantages of direct selling?

Cost:  Minimal, usually less than $100 to get started.

Hours:  Flexible.  Direct selling professional can choose to work full-time or part-time and in most cases can schedule their work around their own calendars and obligations.

Independence:  As a direct selling professional you have the autonomy and independence to use your creativity and personally touch to tailor a business that is uniquely yours.

TEAMwork:  At the same time, while you have independence as a direct selling professional you are part of a team that can provide support, companionships, and share ideas and assistance and collaborate to help strengthen both your business and theirs.

Support:   It is the companies’ role to research, design, test, manufacture, store (more and more direct-selling professionals are able to sell products without ever having to carry even a basic inventory), ship and service the products, all at the expense of the company.  Because the direct-selling companies realize that their success depends on the associates and consultants, they provide a plethora of marketing materials, usually a website, and even live training events to help you be successful.  Another favorite motivator are the incentives and all-expense paid trips to exotic locations that can be earned for those who perform well.

Focus:  The main role of the direct selling professional is marketing and promotion and finding new customers to buy the product.  There are a myriad ways this can be done- in person, on-line, through party plans, network marketing models, etc.

Lifelong Friends:  Perhaps the most rewarding benefit of all are the many people you will meet and the friendships that will be formed along the way.

While Build It Big warns that “the trappings of a conventional business limit your freedom instead of enhancing it,” the direct-selling industry provides individuals with a real opportunity to enjoy flexibility, fulfillment and financial success!

If you are looking for a direct selling opportunity check out the comments below to find a direct selling company that sounds like a good fit for you.

If you are a direct selling professional and would like to share your business with others please take a moment to leave a comment containing the following information about your company:


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