January 1/16/08 – Shoot Out of the Starting Block

January 15, 2008 Sharilee

by Gayle Driscoll

Ms. Driscoll points out that “As a leader it is essential that you give each new team member the opportunity to start on the fast track to success.  Create and implement a fast-start system so that every newcomer can show what she’s made of.  At the end of 90 days, you’re likely to have a productive team member who is ready to ease off her initial sprint and continue with the endureance of someone who is comfortable moving into leadership.  Your system will bring you increased retention, higher salesl volume, and a growing and happy team.  It will also ensure that you focus your efforts where they have the most leverage: working with strong members.”

Step 1: Establish your new team member’s level of commitment- “agreement or pledge to do something in the future no matter what . . . a commitment causes you to act, regardless of any circumstance that may get in the way.”

Step 2: Sign a Partnership Agreement.  “Communicate your willingness to champion her every step of the way, and make sure she understands her commitment to herself.”

Step 3: Conduct a Thorough Training.  Provide your teammate with the tools she will need to succeed.  “Creating rich possibilities for your new teammate will inspire her to go to work . . . help her develop daily or weekly intentions  . . . give her a glimpse of the finish line.”

Here are some suggestions for things to do in the first training, and to encourage your new teammate to do after:

  • Show her how to order product.  Set up autoship if that is part of your program.
  • Review the company’s training material.
  • Go over the Corporate website and setup your own, if applicable.
  • Create a names list.
  • Order business cards and supplies
  • Listen to motivational CDs and company provided trainings.
  • Read appropriate books.

Step 4.  Establish a follow-up date or time for the next training.

Step 5.  Celebrate her successes!! 

NOTE: If she has not completed the commitments she made to herself take her back to original commitment and goals and help you re-establish her ‘Why.’

Step 6:  Match your time to her efforts.  “Your new team member must understand that you commitment level is based on her commitment level.  She takes a step, you take a step; she takes another step, you take two; she takes one, you take three.”

Note:  “If she doesn’t follow through, you need to react in kind.  If she stops moving forward, you stop, too.  She must realize that you are working with others who are committed, and that if she remains committed, you will be there for her as well.  If she fails to commit, then you need to move on and work with the willing . . .”

When your new team member is doing the following you will know that she’s on the road to success– “She

  • has a clear vision of what she intends to accomplish,
  • has created a plan for the attainment of her goal;
  • is motivated by her vision;
  • maintains her enthusiasm, her persistence, and her good attitude, and
  • accomplishes all of her assignments on time and is accountable for her actions.”

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