1/11-12/08: Start Your Business Off Right

January 10, 2008 Sharilee

by Rachel Kerr Snyder

Ms. Snyder points out that “Now that you’ve made the decision to begin your own home-based business, it is important that you get started immediately and experience early success.  Setting and attaining goals within your first 90 days of business will keep you motivated and start making money for you.”

Ms. Snyder has several suggestions for doing this:

1.  Take control of your calendar.  Ms. Snyder points out that it is “critical to form this habit early so that you manage your business rather than letting your business manage you.”  She recommends meeting with family members to determine when you will and will not be available to work on your business and set a schedule for appointments, phone time, computer time and training.  She emphasizes that “You and your family will find it much easier to operate when everyone knows the schedule.  Family scheduling should become a weekly, scheduled meeting.”

2.  Host a Business Kickoff event at your home.  Inviting those close to you into your home to introduce your new business and sample the products will give them an opportunity to see what you are doing and offer their opinion and ideas.

3.  Don’t Spend a lot of time organizing an office.  Ms. Snyder points out that “A phone, calendar, and your enthusiasm are your most critical components of success . . . your personal connection is the key that will unlock the door to your success.”

 4.  Talk to as many people as possible.  We hear it all the time- direct selling is a numbers game.  Increase your odds by talking to as many people as possible and getting the word out there about your opportunity and product.  You never know who will see the value and vision and be your next golden contact.

5.  Be consistent.  Ms. Snyder points out that, while direct selling is not difficult, it does require consistency, and “If you are consistent you can generate a steady and growing income while keeping your life manageable.”  Isn’t that what we all want? 

6.  Make “FRANK” a friend in your business development.  This is a new one I hadn’t heard before.  Frank, apparently, is an acronym for Friends, Relatives, Associates, Neighbors and Kids.  This is the group you will begin with getting the word out about your new business.

7.  Order business cards and give them out at every opportunity.  I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times, but have you DONE IT yet?  Again- direct selling is a numbers game, and handing out business cards (or bookmarks if you happen to be in the book business) is a great way to “publicize your business without being intrusive.”  Let me add another suggestion to this that is equally as important and effective- Add a link to your website in your signature.  This way you publicize your business with every email that goes out and again, increase the odds in a very unobtrusive manner.

8.  Use the resources available to you and attend trainings regularly.  Ms. Snyder points out that “Your sponsor and leaders are available to mentor and model successful business practices for you.”  Take advantage of opportunities to watch them in action, listen in on calls, accompany them to their appointments and watch how they make the presentation and attend training meetings with them.  You would go through a ‘training’ period at a regular job- your direct selling opportunity deserves no less.  Incorporate training activities as a regular and ongoing part of your business.  If you feel you need additional training suggestions, please email me at Sharilee@americatakingaction.com.  I have several resources available that I would be happy to share.


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