Making the Most of This Experience

December 24, 2007 Sharilee

This is a unique opportunity we have to assist each other in building our businesses during 2008.  Here are some suggestions to get the most out of the opportunity:

  1. FINISH the program!  Stick with us all year long and take time each week to review the topic and take the recommended steps.
  2. PACE YOURSELF!  Most people in direct selling businesses are high achievers and have the natural tendency to want to do everything right now.  However, we will experience greater results and our resolve will last longer if we pace ourselves.  As a group we will be following a comfortable schedule that keeps us consistently moving through the books and the topics, sharing and implementing ideas and achieving the results we’ve been searching for.  Be sure to pace yourself and create a system that will work for you.  If you are able to read all of the books and contribute your thoughts and ideas, Great!  If not, Great– stick with the summaries and what you are able to do in your schedule.
  3. Get a Build Your Business BIG Journal!  This can be as simple as a notebook or as fancy as you want to make it.  In this journal you can record your thoughts and ideas, quotes that are particularly meaningful, plans and commitments, and keep a record of your action steps and the results they yield.  This journal will allow your to watch your growth and will become a key part of your success. 

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