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December 24, 2007 Sharilee

Celebrate the Greatness within You! by Richard Neihart 

You’re more than your age
or an hourly wage,
You’re more than your email address.
You’re not just some size
or the shape of your thighs
or the make of the car you possess.

You’re more than your PIN
or the shade of your skin
or the place you were born or the date.
You’re not your IQ
or the width of your shoe,
your zip code, your height, or your weight.

You can’t be defined
by your Zodiac sign
or the lines in the palm of your hand.
It’s not who you know
or the money you owe,
your blood type or cereal brand.

You’re much too complex
for just race, creed, or sex,
you’re wonderfully multidimensional.
You’re one-of-a-kind
with a fabulous mind
and a spirit that’s quite unconventional,

That makes you a treasure
which cannot be measured
with numbers and checks on a chart.
You’re truly tremendous,
amazing, stupendous!
Believe it with all of your heart!

~Richard Neihart

Richard Neihart, the inspirational voice of the direct selling profession, has a wonderfully refreshing way of approaching the topic of ‘Celebrate the Greatness within You.’ He talks about the hollywood superstars (and we could add athletes and political figures) that parade through our lives leaving us mesmerized and enthralled, but feeling NOT enough– not good enough, not smart enough, not brave enough, not built enough.

Richard points out, however, that “the greatest exploits in this world are not in movies. And the greatest heroes in life are not featured on film. Real heroes are people just like you. With courage and character, you step into the role life hands you. With dignity and discipline, you play that role to the best of your ability- without the right lighting and background music. No props. No pyrotechnics. You simply walk out and give life your best performance. No stunt doubles. No stand-ins. Real life is not a 120-minute screenplay. It’s a day-by-day drama, lived out hour by hour, moment by moment. No rehearsals. No retakes.”

What a phenomenal picture that conjures up. Yes- we are in real life with no rehearsals and no retakes. While everything may look and seem so perfect in all of the media we see around us, the truth is that the REAL miracles, the REAL impact is being made by you and me. Think about the last really powerful movie you watched. Chances are that it was based on a real life story- The Freedom Writers or Remember The Titans are a just a couple of examples of movies that came from real-life. The powerful movies that really make a positive difference in our lives are based on real life- NOT the other way around!

We have everything it takes to succeed in our corner of the world. Richard refers to those who have achieved award levels in their companies and in their fields and points out that “at some point [they] made a cold, calculated commitment to create [their] future; to write and perform [their] own script; to become the star of [their] own production.  While others wished, [they] worked. While others made excuses, [they] made changes.”

Each one of us has the potential and the ability to create our future, to write and perform our own script. In fact- we can take it one more step and recognize that each one of us WILL create our future and write and perform our own script, whether we recognize that and do it with purpose and intent or allow it to ‘just happen’. Since the choice is yours- CHOOSE to be cognizant of the choice you make. Be aware of your thoughts and your choices and create what you REALLY want rather than letting your life happen by default!  With Richard, I assure you that taking such steps and acting with awareness and intent “will pay off in rewards that promise to surpass any efforts you are now investing . . . You’re smart enough and you’re strong enough to achieve your dreams. Go ahead . . . look within yourself and see just how special you are!”

Go ahead . . . CHOOSE to reach your full potential! CHOOSE to create the life and the business you’ve always dreamed of! CHOOSE to CHOOSE!


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